Your company will receive, in an email format, detailed charts, and a matrix of your employees skills; It will show graphically where they stand in each discipline. Imagine this wealth of information at your fingertips… easily allowing you to:

 1. Assess

 2. Identify areas of expertise

3.  Evaluate training needs

4.  Inform team placements

5.  Develop employment strategies

6.  Steer career development with final assessment

Of course, throughout this entire process, your company will be a full partner every step of the way.  We believe that cooperation is the best way to succeed in meeting training objectives. This method results in a more productive workforce and that keeps both your business Arkansas strong, competitive and productive.

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Receive color-coded graphs to easily understand the data we provide.


NWTI Business & Industry will categorize your results to different levels of skill.

COMprehensive Assessments